If you are looking for a professional solution to your property problems then we are your ideal choice. We are well-known for providing organized services in the unorganized property market to a large number of satisfied customers. The best part is that we have such a large list of residential properties in New Delhi that you are sure to find something that suits your requirements perfectly. At the same time, our experts also help you with the legalities and formalities associated with the purchase of a residential property in Delhi which is otherwise be quite cumbersome and tedious. Customer satisfaction is our main aim and we wish to exceed your expectations.

We are Offering the Best Residential Property Deals


We collect all the best apartments at the best rates in one place. The fast growing area of New Delhi is such that you will be able to purchase your dream apartments within an affordable amount if you take our expert guidance. Our experts are available for assistance throughout the process so that you don’t have to face any complexities. We don’t just deal in apartments but also plots floors, villa, kothi, flats etc. At the same time, we are available online so that you do not have any trouble reaching us. If you wish to know first-hand the experience of our previous customers you can read some of the reviews written by them. Most of these reviews convey that these customers are more than happy with our services and ready to recommend us to other people.

Family House

We are always available to help the people who like to buy or sell Family House in Delhi. First of all, we focus on your budget based on the budget we offer the finest solution. We offer the best services to get the very best home to meet your unique needs. You can easily approach our team through online or mobile, you can even get free guidelines as well as consulting services with ease. Hence, consider approaching our services to meet your exact needs, before going to choose any kind of property you may contact our professional team to get guidelines about the process, by the way, you can experience great results.
Day to day the expectations of the people getting increased and people also like to find the luxuries residential units to enjoy their entire life with their loved ones as well as family. Due to this, we offer excellent properties at reasonable rates, our resources include.

Vila House

We provide smartly designed independent villas for sale, located in one of the most sought after locations in India. JNR Associates offers quality living amidst calm serene environment. These well planned independent villas in India are designed based on the principles of vastu & are complimented with all modern amenities to enhance your everyday living experience. . We have well-trained professional so you can get perfect Villa house property solution by approaching our services. We aim to offer the best properties to meet your needs; we offer the best properties that are also suitable to fulfill your dreams. If you are planning to buy a perfect villa in India, these villas for sale in India are your best choice.

Farm House

Anyone thinking about “buying the farm” should first identify their requirements and rank them in order of importance. These will vary from person to person, depending on factors like health, livelihood, the presence or absence of children, specific skills and aptitudes. A Farm House is a unique purchase that may require some expertise related to condition or quality of improvements. Having not only an experienced Broker, but one that is trained for such observation and consultation may be the difference between a dream farms vs. the proverbial money pit. We maintain great relationships with lots of reputed builders in Delhi, due to this our professionals assist you with great solutions, by approaching our services you can experience complete reliability, we offer plenty of choices, so you have possibilities to find the best one as per your requirements.


JNR Associates offer a wide range of apartments and suit all your amenities for a good life and also meets all the requirements for your children’s future. Our flats are very affordable and will never affect your pockets. With the mounting demand for flats in Delhi we are always keen to offer our services to you with full affection and love.  With all the necessities of life, we build the structure as per your requirements like roads, walking park, water facility, temple, outer boundary walls, electricity & power backups, and long with the beauty of nature. All our flats are surrounded by enhanced manifolds. Structure, flooring, sanitary, wooden works, washrooms, kitchens, finishing & the electrical facilities are very good and are well developed according to the desires and needs of today’s lifestyle. So purchase your own flat now and get your own roof over your head!!.

JNR Associates has been providing top quality Residential & Commercial rentals for appreciative clients for more than a few years. We specialize in finding properties for sale in the unspoiled country areas of Delhi, India, which provide the best opportunity to enjoy the unique lifestyle of this beautiful region.

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